Purdue Project SEED Application: Academic Achievement

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GPA.  As of the end of the first semester of this school year, what was your GPA? 

Different schools have different gpa scales. Most go from 1-4, some 1-8 or 1-12.  Some schools offer 'weighted averages' for honors and A.P. and other courses.  In the line below, describe the scale at your school.


Class Rank.  What is your current class rank?    
Number of students in your class?  
Explanations or Comments about Class Rank

Standardized Tests. If you have taken any of the following tests, please enter the scores in the place provided.  For any that you have retaken, please use the highest score received.

Critical Reading Math
Writing Skills Total Critical Reading Math Writing Skills Total

English Reading Math Science Composite


For the following courses,  please write the most approximate grade you received.  At the end of the page there is a text area where you can explain details about your courses, special projects, Advanced Placement - AP - or International Baccalaureate - IB.

Course Semester 1 Grade Semester 2 Grade

PBS: Principles of the Biomedical Sciences      
HBS: Human Body Systems      
MI: Medical Interventions      
BI: Biomedical Innovation      
Pathway to Engineering
IED: Introduction to
Engineering Design
POE: Principles of Engineering      
Biology 1      
ICP: Integrated

Chemistry & Physics
Chemistry 1      
Physics 1      
Earth & Space Science      
Advanced Sciences:    
Biology 2nd year      
Chemistry 2nd year      
Physics 2nd year      
Anatomy & Physiology      
Java Script      
Intro to Engineering Design      
Web Design      
AP Computer Science A      
Algebra 1      
Algebra 2      

Advanced Placement.  If you have taken an 'AP' or Advanced Placement examination,  please enter the name/s of the course/s and the score you received on your test/s.


Text Box. In the box below you may describe any of the above courses in greater detail or enter in the name of a science, computer, technology or engineering course you took not on the list of choices.  Are any of the courses you have taken are Honors classes or Weighted for gpa?  You may want to mention special programs you are in  - for example Project Lead the Way - or identify any courses you have taken that follow special guidelines like AP, IB, ACP etc.  Write as much as you feel you need or you want.  As you enter data, the text box will expand to accommodate additional writing space.

Before you click the submit button, you may want to look over your entries for information errors or writing mistakes.  If you want to start all over completely, you may click 'reset'.