Purdue Project SEED Teacher Recommendation Form

Dear Teachers,

We appreciate your endorsement of students as candidates for our summer internship program.   To confirm and validate your recommendation,  please provide us with an email where we can reach you- preferably  your school email.

Your observations and character determinations of the student are the clearest measure of appropriateness of the student applicant to our program.  Your feedback is immensely valuable to us.   There is an open text box at the end of the questions.  If additional information or explanations develop as you select various answers,  it is a good place to make those notes.  It is also an opportunity for you to let us know what qualities the student demonstrates that you believe make this applicant a good candidate for a summer research internship. 

We are immensely grateful for your time. Thank you!  

The Purdue Project SEED Committee


Teacher's Name: 
Student you are recommending:
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Other Email: 
*Email is important as we may need to contact you.
School where you taught applicant:
Subject(s) you taught applicant:
*If you have not been a teacher for this applicant, describe your position:

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1.      Compared to other students of this age the applicant's mental ability is: 

2.      In your opinion, how responsibly would the student behave in a laboratory

       work environment? 

3.      Relative to other students of this age group, the applicant's behavior is: 

4.   The following skills are to be ranked from fair to good, very good and  excellent.  However,  depending on what course you taught or what activities comprised your course,  it is possible that there was "No Opportunity to Observe"  We have abbreviated that choice to 'Not Observed'.


Follows directions well 

Maturity of Judgement 

Observes safety rules 

Has good work habits 

Shows definite interest in science 

Is enthusiastic 

Is well organized 

Shows thoroughness in preparation

Has good communication skills 

Is punctual 

Is dependable 

Is cooperative 

Is willing to learn 

Works well with others 

Spoken English 

Takes initiative 

Written English  

Daily Attendance 


5.  What do you see as the student's greatest strengths and weaknesses?   Write as much as you feel you need or you want.  As you enter data, the text box will expand to accommodate additional writing space.  Also use this space to this space to let us know qualities this student has that would make or not make for a good internship candidate.


6. What qualities does this student applicant have that set  him or her apart from other applicants?  Use this space to let us know what qualities this student has that would make for a good internship candidate.


Before you click the submit button, you may want to look over your entries for information errors or writing mistakes.  If you want to start all over completely, you may click 'reset'. Thank you!